Vidasym is a clinical-stage drug discovery/development company that invents and develops novel drugs for treating serious diseases with significant unmet medical need

The initial focus is on chronic kidney disease complications and osteoporosis


VS-505, a novel phosphate (Pi) binder derived from gum Arabic (GA), has been evaluated in a proof-of-concept clinical trial in hemodialysis patients. VS-505 is highly efficacious with minimal side effects suitable for treating phosphate imbalance in chronic kidney disease.

VS-105, a novel vitamin D receptor agonist (VDRAs), is in clinical studies for the treatment of osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism secondary to chronic kidney disease. In the completed SAD/MAD studies involving healthy subjects, VS-105 is well tolerated with no drug-related AEs or other issues .

Intellectual Property


Patent exclusivity to 2030
Issued Claims/Notice of Allowance – AUS, Canada, China, EP, JPN, NZ. Pending in others

Phosphate binders:

Patent exclusivity to 2030+
First PCT: Issued Claims/Notice of Allowance – AUS, China, Japan, NZ, US, Taiwan. Pending in others
Second PCT : Issued Claims/Notice of Allowance – NZ, US. Pending in others

Potential regulatory extensions