Founded by Abbott alumni with extensive new drug R&D experience

Team has advanced multiple therapeutics into clinical development

Alan Lau, Pharm. D. – Interim CEO

Dr. Lau is one of the co-founders of Vidasym. He has conducted over 50 Phase I-IV studies in CKD covering therapeutics such as vitamin D receptor modulators, phosphate binders and others. He serves on the Board of Directors and also as the Renal Scientific Section Chairman of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  He also serves as Vice-chairman of Nephrology/Urology Expert Committee, United States Pharmacopeia (USP).  Dr. Lau obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree at State University of New York at Buffalo, and completed a clinical pharmacy residency at University of Illinois, Chicago.

J. Ruth Wu-Wong, MBA, PhD – President/CSO

Ruth was with Abbott (now AbbVie) for 20+ years where she played a key role in the development of endothelin receptor antagonists including atrasentan which is in clinical studies for diabetic nephropathy.  She was the lead scientist on several novel-target projects at Abbott including the vitamin D receptor agonist project until the project’s termination in 2007.  Dr. Wu-Wong obtained her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Ohio State University and her M.B.A. in finance and management from University of Illinois.

Jin Tian, MDClinical Study Director

15+ years’ experience in conducting clinical studies, especially in the renal field. Jin has had extensive experience and training in clinical practice and drug development.  Before joining Vidasym, he was the Senior Medical Director at Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. and had successfully completed multiple clinical studies. Before Roche, he was the medical director in charge of clinical studies at Abbott.

Nancy Chou, MS – Clinical Study Project Manager

14+ years’ experience as a clinical study project manager. Nancy has had extensive experience and training in drug discovery and development.  Her previous experience at Abbott includes 14+ years in managing clinical operations covering global clinical trials of all phases, and CRO/vendor management. She was the leader in multiple clinical projects for GCP.

CMC – Ocam Solutions, LLC

Others: Dr. Terry Opgenorth, ex-CEO until 12/2015; regulatory affairs specialist; lab personnel (2 chemists, 2 biologists, 2 pharmacologists)

Laboratory at UIC Incubator Lab Facility (Chicago)

Jim Hussey, MBA – Advisory Board Director

Mr.  Hussey has 25+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as executive, founder, investor and consultant to senior management and boards of directors. Mr. Hussey served as President of Sagent Pharmaceuticals in 2013-2015, and as CEO/President of NanoInk in 2008-2013. Prior to NanoInk, he was with Ovation Pharmaceuticals, where he was a member of the senior operating committee, serving as Head of Alliances and Vice President of Corporate Development. He was President and CEO of NeoPharm, Inc., as well as a member of the Board of Directors and an investor/shareholder. In 1994, he founded Physicians Quality Care, a health care services IPA Management Company, which was sold to a public company in 1998. Prior to founding Physicians Quality Care, he was with Bristol Myers Squibb in Princeton, New Jersey, serving as General Manager as well as other positions in marketing, new business development and sales. Mr. Hussey holds a B.S. in Pharmacy from Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, and an M.B.A. from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Gayle Kirkpatrick, Pharm. D– Advisory Board Director

Former VP Business Development Abbott/AbbVie. Gayle is an accomplished executive with 25+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. She retired from Abbott after 14+ years serving as Vice President of Licensing and Acquisitions. She has established track record of entrepreneurship in formulating and executing business development strategies.

Masahide Mizobuchi, MD/nephrologist – Advisory Board Director

Currently a faculty member of the Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan. He has been working on metabolic bone disorder related to CKD with a focus on secondary hyperparathyroidism, vascular calcification and cardiovascular complications. He is addressing the mechanisms responsible for vascular calcification and cardiovascular complications in CKD and is particularly interested in the pleiotropic effects of VDR agonists in CKD patients.

Daniel Norbeck, PhD – Advisory Board Director

Dr. Norbeck was  with Abbott (now AbbVie) for 24 years, and was Abbott’s Corporate Officer and Vice President of Global Pharmaceutical Discovery. He is co-inventor of Norvir and Kaletra, two ground-breaking medicines used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Norbeck earned a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from the California Institute of Technology.